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Michael Raeburn has achieved international acclaim as a Director and Script writer, and also is a novelist. His features, documentaries and experimental movies stand out as ground breaking works with a unique personal touch, and have won numerous festival awards.

For almost four decades Michael has struggled without compromise for a free independent voice within an increasingly homogenized world. His principal theme is the sense of alienation, frustration and anger felt by a social group that has been isolated and suppressed by a bigger and more powerful one. Violence, anger and even madness are the inevitable results.

Born and bred in Africa, the greater part of his work emanates from there, and is appreciated for an authentic insider's understanding and vision.

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Michael and Karen Black on the set of Grass is Singing

Michael and Karen Black on the set of Grass is Singing


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Triomf cover

the movie based on
Marlene van Niekerk's award-winning novel.

International release 2009-2011

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G. H. Films, Sycomore Films (France) ; Giraffe Creations (South Africa)

March 1994 South Africa. On the day of the first free election Lambert Benade will turn 21, and Uncle Treppie promises him the girl of his dreams. But, in this horrendous yet hilarious tragi-comedy, as a new world is born, two members of the crazed and destitute Benade family are destined to die.

Book cover

A novel by Michael Raeburn

Desperate to retrieve his lover, the narrator has come looking for her in an African city beseiged by rebels. He finds himself getting embroiled in the life of his host who is planning a violent political plot. But as this mysterious and charismatic man is also a shaman, the narrator suspects that the plot may be a fanatical psychic experiment.

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Publisher: David Philip
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Script by Michael Raeburn, Arlette Gordon and Pierre-William Glenn.
A thousand Jews escaping Nazi Germany in 1939-40 are given exile by the dictator of the Dominican Republic, Rafaël Trujillo.

based on the novel by Hervé Prudon (Gallimard) - Créative Caméra Productions - CNC France ; MEDIA Europe.
Written by the team from the cult movie "Delicatessen" - a surreal love story in the ghettoes of Paris.

Original screenplay by Michael Raeburn - Sunstone Pictures (South Africa).
A comedy thriller set among the top echelons of Johannesburg’s new black middle-class.

Script adaptation from the novel by Michael Raeburn - Créative Caméra Productions (Paris).
Travels through the mind of a sorcerer into the secrets of the universe.

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