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Script writer

Michael has written all the films he has directed.


He has also written commissioned scripts, including -



  • GIOVANNI'S ROOM - James Baldwin-Scott Inc, Los Angeles.
    Based on the novel.
    Read the account of the collaboration between Michael Raeburn and James Baldwin: “We can love one another in other ways”
    Collaborating with James Baldwin on a Screenplay of Giovanni’s Room THE JAMES BALDWIN REVIEW - VOLUME 5 :
    Ref: http://www.manchesteropenhive.com/view/journals/jbr/5/1/article-p129.xml
  • THE SMOKE THAT THUNDERS - Political thriller set in Africa. Viva Films, London. Budget $15m
  • PROTECTORS - Rescue Action Drama.  Spier Films, London/South Africa. Budget $25m. In the near future, an eccentric New Yorker inherits a game park in Africa. He finds himself drawn into saving one of the last herds of elephants in the world from a violent and determined army.
  • THE INCUBATE - Vaughan Films, London.
    Science fiction.
  • INSIDE OUT - Signfour Films, London.
    Psychological rural drama à la Lady Chatterley
  • ALBINO - Cinergy Films. South Africa. Producer - David Elton
    From the novel by Jack Cope.
  • MESSENGER OF THE LOCUSTS - Mukuvisi Films, Zimbabwe.
    Historical drama. Co-written with CHENJERAI HOVE
  • AXA - Lizard Sarl, Paris.
    Comedy of cult European musician lost in Africa.


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